About Our Company

USER Corporation is a world-leading investment banking company, offering advisory services both to Turkish and International companies in the fields of Investment banking, Mergers, Acquisitions, Privatizations, Dept of Finance and Private Equity transactions.
USER’s Corporation advisory mission is to provide exclusive services to high-end clients from both the private and public sectors alike as well as to provide new business opportunities to both Turkish and International Market.

Real and Everlasting Impact

USER Corporation has a long track record of providing high-class services, helping to resolve complex issues, and developing business solutions that consistently lead’s to our client’s success. We combine a distinct package of industry expertise, global reach, advisory and research capabilities that can lead to a real and everlasting impact with measurable results. We understand that our success is solely based on our client’s ability to stay competitive in today’s rapidly changing & competitive business environment. We are committed to provide solutions to our client’s needs from recommendation through implementation and execution.

Understands Clients Requirements

Being a company itself, USER Corporation completely understands its company-client’s operation and requirements. It is this knowledge that allows us to materialize your ideas, desires and expectations much easier. Hence, whether you need a company that will advise you behind the scenes while being part of your business, or whether you need a partner to completely represent you in every step, USER Corporation is willing and able to stand by your side whatever your decision. We are able to provide our services at the level that you desire. We are User Corporation. A company for companies.